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Jan 10, 2014

“A Little Bit of Both”

This piece is constructed of titanium sheet and tubing that I fabricated and Tig welded by hand.  Differing colors are the result of heat anodization by direct and varied flame impingement. Night time illumination is by solar powered LED’s. 

I find beauty in imperfection, and value the abstract qualities I see in nature.  This piece is the first, in a new series of work-- an intersection between art and technology.  I wanted to create a work with visual movement and personality with a sense of “play”. 

Turns out I under estimated the winter storm that followed and had to reconfigure the sculpture- everything was mostly intact with the exception of it "buckling" at the bottom as I didn't reinforce the base hoop enough-- I had designed the sculpture to flex and sway- cantilevered out over the base ... just needed a little thicker material for that bottom piece .  . . lesson learned : )
this is the "brains" of the operation with custom circuit board made by Andrew Jennings utilized Sunsaver and 2 batteries- this activates the lighting by sensing the energy output of the solar panel to "sense" whether its dark outside

shortly after setup outside the Catholic Federal Credit Union in Saginaw, Michigan

Blurry picture of sculpture at night

reconfigured after collapse in winter storm-- will have to beef up the base "hoop" with some thicker wall material next time-- won't happen twice!

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