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Jan 10, 2014

Bowl Made of Jingdezhen Porcelain with Holmium Glaze-- changes colors with different lighting!!  Very coooooool stuff-

Salt Fired cup 

Current Fat Bike frame in progress

Salt- fired Platter

Woodfired Platter

Platter with Concrete Sealant-- has that wet clay Sheen : )

Woodfire Platter

This was the first Platter that I have thought "acceptable" in bisque form-- also put a little sheen on this with some concrete sealer-- made the color "pop" some more as well : )

woodfire platter from last year

woodfire platter from last year

solid Clay sculpture "on a roll"

Jingdezhen sculpture cone 6 oxidation 

opening in firebox of small anagama

Cone 6 glaze with aluminum lid that I machined on the C.N.C. Mill and handle turned on lathe lid is anodized aluminum

anodized aluminum lid on bowl (rice?)

woodfired platter from last year- natural ash glaze

Playing around with some clay in the studio- stacked piece is 40"

Really liked this juicy salt fired bottle- was testing a "found" claybody-- that cracked to bits-- also had some crazy cold weather gusts-- which might have had something to do with it- because of location in the kiln?

crude handle-- but I like the personality of the cup for some reason

very small cup I made in Jindezhen China

Salt Fired Tablet with Mason and other stains- accented with Shino Glaze- Cone 9 Porcelain with styrofoam inclusion

This was a couple of the pieces used in the titanium sculputure in the Art and Sol Piece-- shows a little of the color from the heat anodization-- somehow formatting ended up at the bottom of the page-- whoops . . .I think I need to get going on building up a more organized web page : ) ... coming soon

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